Working on Foodware 365 for BC together with the reference group | Softronic’s experience

Project Texel embodies a new way of working. With the aim to build a set of apps that could offer a global fit to meet the needs of our food clients. To assure that we continually work towards a cloud solution with a universal fit, we’re working together with international partners through our Texel reference group. Read more about project Texel and the experience of our international reference partner from New-Zealand, Theta, after the first 7 months. Next, we interviewed our reference partner located in Sweden, Softronic about their take on project Texel and being part of the reference group.

Softronic | Delivering long term customer value

Softronic became a partner of Schouw 10 years ago back in 2009. As one of the largest and first international partners of Schouw, Softronic was a natural choice to be included in our Texel reference group. As a listed company with over 500 employees spread across five offices in Sweden, they are a firmly established IT management business. With a strong focus on delivering long term customer value, Softronic consistently strives to work with customers towards shared goals by offering innovative solutions with the latest technology.

Softronic’s experience with the reference group

 Johan Johansson, senior ERP consultant at Softronic, shared his feedback on being part of the reference group. “ As a change in process, project Texel uses a very good new way to tackle the development phase. The ability to include and integrate opinions and requests from both a partner and a customer perspective in the early stages of the development phase offers a unique new way of working. In contrast to previous more traditional scenarios, where it would not be possible to have a saying about what should be included in a new release, perhaps only through support calls by providing feedback you could steer the next update. The past months have been much of a learning experience where we’re exploring the possibilities and functionalities that are available on the new Foodware releases. With the reference group having a very international background, we come up with varied feedback and requests for the future. This diversity in input from different partners helps to bring a sense of realization about your own demands while at the same time we also share a lot of similarities. Hopefully, we can get up and running really soon with the available modules. Until now, Schouw has been doing a great job with Foodware 365 with integrating different elements and adopting, for example, PowerApps and Power BI.