Working on Foodware 365 for BC together with the reference group | Theta’s experience

Project Texel is all about a new way of working: the creation of a set of apps that would fit the needs of our food customers worldwide. Every app has a list of functions that would be required, where some functions need to be prioritized over others. This is why we divided all functions in three different categories: Dissatisfiers, Satisfiers, and Delighters, making sure that a mix of all three categories is present in the apps we’re delivering this year. And we’re well on our way, with over 20 apps ready to go and even more in the works. To ensure that we continuously work towards a cloud solution with a global food fit, we’re working together with an international reference group, consisting of a few of our highly valued global Microsoft partners along with a Dutch current food solution customer. Through weekly conference calls with the group, we repeatedly check if Project Texel is still heading in the right direction. We asked Joerg Rau of Theta how he’s experienced being a part of the Texel reference group these past 7 months.  

Theta | Smarter solutions, together

As a partner of Schouw since 2016, Theta was excited to join our reference group for project Texel. Theta is an IT Consultancy firm located in New Zealand with different offices across the country and a team of over 280 professionals. They operate with customers both in New Zealand and around the world to help transform companies with technology. The business is branched into different practices that are characterized by developing smarter solutions to its customers. Theta distinguishes itself with its continuous focus and drive on innovation through a dedicated innovation team. Finally, they are a reliable Microsoft partner with ten gold competencies.

Theta’s experience with the reference group

Joerg Rau, head of Dynamics 365 at Theta, shared his experience on being part of the reference group. “As a first collaboration with international partners, it seemed like an exciting concept. At the start, Schouw set clear expectations and goals in terms of apps that they wanted to release and deliver. During the entire project of the last 6-7 months, the set up was well organized and prepared, with the possibility to continuously check the status of where the project was. Despite the planned delivery of the apps, there was enough room for flexibility, so when things made sense to change, they were. Another positive surprise was how well the reference group worked together. Despite the significant time differences and different cultural backgrounds, we worked with a very enjoyable group, had many fruitful discussions, and were often in agreement. All members had a very active voice during group conversations and kept a good participation rate throughout the project. Finally, the open discussion with a customer made it a unique experience and added an interesting perspective. For the future, I hope we can continue in the current way. We’re very excited and eager to start to get the apps out and get them to our customers.”