Frequently Asked Questions about Foodware 365

What is a food ERP framework?

ERP represents Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a product framework that streamlines all of the processes inside your organization. Foodware 365, via Schouw Informatisering, makes this accessible explicitly for the food business, with all the expert food functionalities.

Why does my food company need an ERP framework?

An ERP framework brings together all business forms in a single framework. All data is subsequently valuable for the whole organization. In many cases, different food departments use different frameworks thus making information accessibility difficult and requiring multiple inputs. A specialized food ERP brings all these processes together in one framework.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a platform that consolidates the conventional ERP framework (Business Central and Finance and Operations) with Office 365, PowerApps and advancements, for example, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

What is Foodware 365?

Foodware 365 is an innovative software that has been specially developed for the food industry, offering the latest technological advancements to all food businesses. The platform is built on the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with additionally created functionalities that respond to the challenges of the food industry.

Which industries does Foodware 365 cater for?

Foodware 365 is an 100% food specific ERP with a focus on Fresh Produce, Fish, Meat, Bread and Bakery, Sweets and Confectionery, Dairy and also Production and Wholesale industries.

What sort of food businesses is Foodware 365 appropriate for?

Foodware 365 is developed for organizations of every size working in the food business. These can be start-ups, SME organizations or ventures, both broadly and globally.

Which stakeholder is Foodware 365 aimed at?

Foodware 365 is aimed and stakeholders from the management department, IT managers and department managers. Every stakeholder within a food company has its own requirements for information and insights. Indicate which ingredients are most important to you, then we promise that we will prepare the best recipe for the best results. Smart technology is closer than you think.

How many users can use Foodware 365?

Foodware 365 is suitable for 5 users and up.

What is Dynamics 365 for Business Central?

Business Central is an ERP framework that’s part of Microsoft Dynamics 365. With Business Central we primarily focus on streamlining SMB organizations’ business processes and offer a complete company overview.

What is Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations?

Finance and Operations is an ERP framework that’s part of Microsoft Dynamics 365. With Finance and Operations we primarily focus on streamlining enterprise level organizations’ business processes and offer a complete company overview.

How does Foodware 365 add value to your food business?

With our food and IT expertise that extends to more than two decades, we developed Foodware 365 – a platform that’s solely focused on the food industry. Foodware 365 is a full ERP suite that offers all the specific functionality that every food organization needs.

How many partners does Foodware 365 have and in how many countries?

Foodware 365 is being developed in The Netherlands and implemented worldwide by local Microsoft Dynamics partners who focus on the food industry. We now have 19 partners worldwide.

Are Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Foodware 365 available On Premise?

Yes, both the platforms are available on premise and in the cloud.

What is the Intelligent Cloud?

With the Intelligent Cloud you have access to an infinite number of new technological innovations, now and in the future. The insights you gain by enabling ERP to become immersed in the power of the cloud and the predictive intelligence we are able to activate, turns these insights into actionable data.

How is Dynamics NAV different than Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is the new version of Dynamics NAV.

How is Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations different from Dynamics AX?

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is the new version of Dynamics AX.

What is the difference between Dynamics 365 and Foodware 365?

Foodware 365 is the total food solution built upon the advancements of the Microsoft 365 platform. 

Do I have to migrate to the cloud?

No, you can purchase the software platform on premise as well. However, there are a number of upsides to the cloud, such as staying aware of the latest developments considerably quicker. 

I want to implement new software, where can I begin?

To begin with, you can send in a quote request. How the product is implemented is diverse for each organization. This relies upon the extent of the undertaking, explicit project prerequisites and customizations. We can likewise offer an indication of the provided services when you send in a quote request

How does the monthly subscription model work?

When you order Foodware 365 as a month-to-month subscription, you pay a monthly expense for every client. This amount may fluctuate from month to month. The amount is in direct relation to price components such as buying apps, the amount of users etc.

How long does a Foodware 365 implementation take?

This depends completely on the span of the organization, explicit necessities, wishes and the extent of the project. In the event that you are searching for long the process would approximately take, click here

How can I get help/ support for my Foodware and Dynamics ERP frameworks?

If you are searching for help/ support for your Foodware and Dynamics ERP systems, you can acccess this information from your local VAR identify.

How would I sign in to Microsoft CustomerSource?

In the event that you need to sign in to Microsoft CustomerSource, click here.

What can we do for your food company?

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