Would you like to streamline your production processes? And have the possibility to make immediate adjustments to offer your customers optimal service? With Foodware 365, you can optimally automate changeover times and moments. Solid production support and planning from your software platform is essential in order to produce as effectively as possible and maximise profit. 

Streamline your processes

Foodware 365 automates your production processes and provides insight into all operational aspects, from order-taking to production, warehouse maintenance and delivery. You can review the current status of your order, picking list, entry notes and inventory as well as sales and profit margins alongside a range of other key performance indicators.  This enables you to enhance the reliability of approved orders and react to customer questions about the order status and anticipated delivery date.

Advantages of Production

1. Insight into production

Insight into all operational aspects

2. Efficient production

Produce as effectively as possible with production support and planning

3. Making changes easily

Easily make immediate changes to the workplace

1. Insight into production

Insight into all operational aspects

2. Efficient production

Produce as effectively as possible with production support and planning

3. Making changes easily

Easily make immediate changes to the workplace

    A selection of the modules provided with production

    Advanced Production Planning 

    Production planning is of eminent importance for correct throughput times in your production department and a seamless connection between demand and supply. Extensive scheduling that takes into account factors such as machine capacity, labour and the availability of critical materials is a complex issue. For many food companies, this is a daily phenomenon. With Foodware 365, you are offered insight into demand for capacity of labour, equipment and critical materials for the longer term. And you know the current status of orders and inventory, and what you still need to produce to match the demand. This is done with MPS and MRP. You can optimise the planning process with the help of changeover times. The registration of production orders is carried out with screens on the line.

    Since user-friendliness is very important in this process, we have elected not to put these screens in the ERP itself, but to build them into Microsoft PowerApps. These apps are ideally suited for use on tablets and smartphones.


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    Production based on daily forecasts 

    In the fresh sector, a recurring issue is the short ordering cycles. Much is produced on the basis of that day's expectation, not according to a well-conceived plan. While production takes place according to these forecasts, sales orders keep coming in throughout the day and production volumes are adjusted.  

    Operations Control (OC)

    The various departments within your company have to work together efficiently. You want to be able to record the output and consumption of your production orders in an efficient manner. And you want to be able to consult that information continuously, in the warehouse or production department. With Operations Control, you can immediately and easily administratively implement the changes that occur in the workplace. This gives you the grip you need on available stock levels. In addition, a clear overview is provided of the released orders in the production planning. 

    Recording co-products and by-products 

    Many production companies handle co-products and/or by-products. It is possible to configure one or more co-products and/or by-products per production order in the OC screen. Configurable co-products and/or by-products are for example cutting waste, residual dough that is reused in bread and pastries, or the fact that alongside the standard product sizes, other dimensions can be registered that flow from the production process.

    Shop floor control

    From within a managent information system you can see if the production forecast is achieved or not. Shop floor control allows you to steer better on production forecasts and you can connect in real-time on the floor. Through Business Intelligence you have insight and the possibility to improve this aspect. You can see exactly which machine or operator is the reason for the setback.

    Grip on the Mass balance sheet 

    Every kilogram you enter into your production process must obviously exit somewhere; the Mass balance sheet. This enables you to demonstrate that the number of raw materials in the production process is exactly according to the end product's specifications. This has everything to do with fraud prevention and can be shown transparently with the help of Business Intelligence

    Insight in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

    Food companies require insight into their Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), a KPI that enables you to monitor how efficiently you produce on site. That's why you need insight into the information driving the process: the availability of your equipment, its performance and the quality of your products. With Business Intelligence you can retrieve this information from Foodware 365. 

    Cost price

    What is the precise cost of one unit of product? How many people and machines and how much raw material, cleaning and changeover time do you need for that? You need to know the cost price of a product to be able to perform post-calculation from your production process. And to know what the return on investment is on certain products that you sell, so you know for sure that you are truly making a profit on every individual item. 

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