Supply Chain Management

As a food company, there is nothing you would like to do more than manage the supply chain from beginning to end. You want transparency and insight into what happens from farm to fork. Better control over your product leads to greater insight, enabling you to truly safeguard the quality and safety of your products. Internal and external logistics are a regular occurrence in this respect. You want control over and insight into your commodity flows. And that's why a platform is needed to support and register all these processes.  Foodware 365 takes care of all your wishes and requirements in the trajectory from raw material procurement to the transportation planning of the end product. 

Optimal chain operations

Purchases, sales and production need to be closely aligned with one another. Are all the raw materials you need available to start the production process so that the end product can eventually be shipped to your customers? You want a flexible environment in order to handle the stress and turmoil of Fresh Produce with a limited shelf-life. You need to be able to change everything at any moment without losing grip on the quality and safety of your food products. But punctuality is also a pre-requisite for safeguarding product quality. Foodware 365 enables you to optimise your operation from procurement through to sales.

The advantages of Supply Chain Management

1. Insight and controle

Insight into and control over all internal and external logistics.

2. Flexible environment

A flexible environment in which adjustments can be made quickly and easily.

3. On-time solutions

This solution's on-time performance safeguards optimal quality.

1. Insight and controle

Insight into and control over all internal and external logistics.

2. Flexible environment

A flexible environment in which adjustments can be made quickly and easily.

3. On-time solutions

This solution's on-time performance safeguards optimal quality.

    A selection of the modules provided with Supply Chain Management

    Inventory Management (and tracing)

    A very important aspect in any food company's operation is ensuring that both warehouse and inventory management are in good shape. Your warehouse contains significant volumes and various types of load carriers. Obviously, you want to have precise insight into your warehouse's load carriers and the articles and batch numbers associated with them, and their exact location at any given moment. In order to handle the registration properly and to track all logistical transactions, Foodware 365 offers a fully-integrated pallet administration so that your inventory control is always in good shape. In the event of a recall, you can track and trace in much greater detail and probably only need to part ways with one pallet.


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    Packaging and (SSCC) labeling 

    The use of (SSCC) labels applies to almost every food company. The code on the label enables a unique number to be allocated to a given load carrier - a crate or a pallet, for example - for identification purposes. Information is connected to this unique code about the commodities and packaging being transported on the load carrier. With the help of the SSCC labels, the information exchange between customer and supplier takes place much more efficiently. Moreover, SSCC labels offer a reliable tracing option in the event of a product recall, for example. Foodware 365 also offers insight into the value and stock of all packaging.


    In order to be able to work efficiently in your warehouse, it is good to make use of tablets, smartphones or scanners that are linked to Foodware 365 by Radio Frequency. Working in this way is easy and user-friendly. Labels are allocated to load carriers and their article number, batch number and expiry date are scanned. This results in less chance of error because this series of inventory levels, stock picking, unit allocation and stock inventory are processed real-time in Foodware 365.

    Transport Management

    Transporting commodities does not just happen. It calls for good planning, smart agreements clear to all parties involved and provision of information to the transport companies. In addition, transport management can also be a considerable cost item. Therefore, it is in everyone's interest to make optimal use of your own or external transportation capacity. Insight into transport management and the entire transport planning process can easily be generated in Foodware 365.


    Foodware 365 offers you total supply chain management across all your sites, without this causing bookkeeping issues. You always have  sufficient articles at your disposal, because you can choose between physically shipping stock between various sites and you are able to order at one site while distribution takes place from another. This software platform will help you keep your bookkeeping in good shape.

    Scale Connections

    Organisations that manufacture or trade catch weight products use scales a lot. To enable faster and more accurate weighing of articles and recording their consumption, you can make use of scales integration within Foodware 365 that determines inventory adjustments real-time and automatically. Manual handling is a thing of the past.

    Various currencies and languages 

    Legislation and regulations differ from country to country and often another currency, another language or a different time zone come into play. This too becomes a thing of the past when using Foodware 365. All these aspects are embedded in the software platform.


    As a supplier to retailers, you have to deal with the given that you must be able to communicate through EDI messages. This communication must take place according to the GS1 definition of EDI standard messaging. EDI is an absolute must for companies with business associates who procure large numbers of products. The Data Integration Framework within Foodware 365 takes care of all your EDI requirements without a fuss.  

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