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Schouw Informatisering, from Aptean, conduced research in the spring and summer of 2020 among the food processing industry in Northern Europe. This research involved in-depth interviews and a survey conducted among 28 food processing companies.

Food safety remains a hot topic, but the focus now seems to have shifted to innovation. Stimulated to a large extent by digitalisation and automation, but also driven by stricter legislation and regulations and the increasing demand for responsible or sustainable food. ‘Responsible’ or ‘sustainable’ are broad concepts that cover a wide range of topics. Contrary to the old cliché: ‘consumers want sustainable food, but are not prepared to pay for it’, the market now seems to be tipping in the other direction. It's up to producers and other parties in the food processing chain to respond to this increasing demand.

How does the food sector innovate?
Where exactly, and in what form have businesses innovated during the past three years? How satisfied are food processing companies in Northern Europe with their ability to innovate? Do they achieve their objectives? What problems do they encounter, and in which areas have they been successful? In short, what is the sustainable harvest generated by their innovation initiatives?

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