A high-speed Foodware 365 ERP project at Noblesse Proteins

After a fast sales cycle and implementation of Foodware 365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Noblesse Proteins is one of the latest satisfied customers of Schouw Informatisering. Noblesse is a producer of feather meal, blood meal, and meat meal with a high content of high-quality proteins. Despite a major fire in February 2019, the Noblesse production hall was completely destroyed, the company did not lose faith. The construction of a new factory hall started as soon as possible and will be up and running again soon. This also became the right time for Noblesse to evaluate their current IT system. The system that was in place did not support Noblesse's business processes well enough, so there was a clear need for a new ERP platform. This led Noblesse to Foodware 365 for Business Central, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

A remarkably fast sales cycle and implementation process

Noblesse Proteins wanted to go live in January 2020 with Phase 1 of the new ERP system. Production was temporarily suspended, but the company still collected chicken slaughter by-products from chicken slaughterhouses and temporarily sold it to other parties. A new ERP system was also useful for this. In addition, they wanted to restart production as soon as possible, including a new software system to streamline the business processes optimally. This also required an interface with weighbridge for the incoming and outgoing flow of goods. After an initial interview in September 2019 and the agreement on the project's proposal in October 2019, implementation immediately started. As a result, Noblesse Proteins succeeded to go live in January with Foodware 365 for Business Central within three months.

The right software partner with a pragmatic approach

After a short sales process, Noblesse decided to continue with Foodware 365 from Schouw Informatisering. Why? Roelof Bolt, CFO and project leader at Noblesse Proteins, explains: "With the years of experience in the food industry, Schouw truly understands Noblesse's business, and offers a solution that is very rich in the required functionalities, with minimal customization. Schouw thinks along with regard to licenses, the phased roll-out of the system, and is a proven name in the market." The pragmatic approach and the short lines of communication have, therefore, paid off. Roel Kox from Schouw Informatisering can also look back on a successful project: "In collaboration with Noblesse, we managed to understand their company within a short lead time and made a practical proposal. Through close collaboration from both sides from the very first moment - and maintaining this throughout the project - we succeeded. By helping Noblesse with their automation issue, we indirectly contribute to reducing food waste, so we are very proud of this new customer."

About Noblesse Proteins

Noblesse Proteins is a producer of feather meal, blood meal, and meat meal with a high content of high-quality proteins. They also make poultry fats. The proteins and fats are used worldwide by producers as base ingredients in, for example, animal feed and fertilizers. As a raw material, only slaughter by-products from chickens from closed poultry chains, approved for human consumption are used. The company is an initiative of several leading poultry slaughterhouses in the Netherlands; they want their by-products to be processed into first-class products in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.