Foodware 365 – Avocado Case in Microsoft NL’s Customer Experience Centre

From now on you’ll find our Avocado Case live in the Customer Experience Centre (CEC) of Microsoft Netherlands. A case we worked very hard on, and it has shown its worth. Earlier this year, we won Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 & Artificial Intelligence contest, and now we’ve got ourselves a place in the CEC. A real hands-on experience that you can’t miss. 

Microsoft’s Customer Experience Centre

It’s honestly really cool! The Avocado Case is recreated in small in the Customer Experience Centre of Microsoft. A place where you can start working with digital transformation and where you can find inspiration from diverse Microsoft related subjects and innovations. In this Innovation Alley, you’ll find a small production line with avocado’s, where real-time pictures are taken. By using Cognitive Services, the quality is checked and determined, and the result is shown in Power BI. 

The Avocado Case: What can it do for your food company? 

In short, since you can find large pieces about the case here and here. With this innovative software, you make use of the power of the cloud to better product quality and streamline business processes. A trained Azure model recognizes whether avocados are damaged or not. This knowledge is then integrated into Dynamics 365, and automated, proactive actions are sent to customers and suppliers. And this technology is readily available for every food company. 

Endless possibilities of the cloud

And this is just the beginning. The avocado case, as presented now, is only one of the endless possibilities of the Intelligent Cloud. To name a few: how ripe the avocado is, whether there are insect traces, the average dimensions in diameter. And then there’s so much more you can do. Just imagine what Azure could offer you, and what this means for your business processes. 

Foodware 365 | Forward in food

And that’s our goal exactly: allowing food companies to move forward with our smart, innovative solutions, now and in the future. The automation of business processes means cost-efficiency, transparency, improved business agility, compliance, and focus. Foodware 365: Forward in food.

Curious about the possibilities for your food company? Don’t hesitate to get in contact.