First place! Schouw wins Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 & AI contest with the “Avocado Case”

We have some great news! Earlier this year we, at Schouw Informatisering, made a Proof-of-Concept together with Microsoft, named the “Avocado Case”, with which we made use of the power of Microsoft’s Azure platform. Recently, Microsoft announced the Dynamics 365 & Artificial Intelligence contest in Western-Europe, and of course, we decided to join. With results! Last month, Microsoft announced that we won this contest. And we’re very proud of that.


Microsoft Dynamics 365: Power of the Platform

The ERP-era is over. There is so much more possible with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform – the newest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Services, and Internet of Things are within reach for everyone. And this offers you more than what a standard ERP can give you. Combining ERP with the different technologies offers possibilities that before seemed to be far in the future. And the Avocado Case is the first example of this. Opportunities galore, the power of the platform can be used in many more ways. This is just the beginning.

Foodware 365’s Avocado Case

We managed to reach the first place with our Avocado Case that we built within Microsoft’s “Build With” Program. We successfully combined different Microsoft technologies in one integrated environment to automate the client’s non-conformances procedure. We used Cognitive Services within Microsoft Custom Vision, of Outlook and Flow, and we integrated this within the possibilities of the Dynamics 365 platform. The case shows how you can automate business processes, and as a result, you can save time, and consequently, this has a positive effect on financial results. Read about the Avocado Case in detail here.

What’s next?

We’re proud of winning Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 & AI contest. It shows that innovative technologies of the ‘future’ aren’t out of reach, but ready to go right now. Like we said, the Avocado Case is just a start. Using Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Big Data can make your food company work more efficiently and more transparent. Exciting times ahead!