What’s new with Dynamics 365 & Business Central

Business Central (BC) is now live. But what does this next step mean for food companies? Read more to find out what’s new with the latest development, features and capabilities that the Business Central release brings along.

A central pillar of the Dynamics 365 solutions

Dynamics 365, as the central pillar of Microsoft’s Intelligent cloud strategy, including the best productivity tools such as Excel, Outlook and Share Point to help businesses works smarter and faster. Dynamics 365 connects the date and users of these products. For smaller businesses that do not require an exceeding level of complexity, Business Central is the all-in-one business management solution combining Financial, Sale Services and Operations in one unified solution, featuring analytics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, making business management easier and faster from day 1. Business Central is a full-featured solution despite being specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses. With its low cost of ownership and ease of use, Business Central owns to Microsoft’s decades of experience in the business application development industry.

Solving challenges

Business Central is here to respond to the challenges that many customers are facing with their existing systems, such as complicated reporting, siloed information or disconnected systems. Many organizations still have to buy additional systems or configure additional systems to get more insights, which is often time consuming, expensive or non-scalable. Not to mention that organizations find it increasingly more expensive to maintain, scale and upgrade their ERP systems. For many, the business growth need makes their current software insufficient in its performance capabilities. Using the same software for 10 years or more means lack of integration with modern key systems like payroll, performance indicators, and inventory. These outdated capabilities offer insufficient user experience, lack of support and maintenance that lead to costly business operations. Business Central is built specifically to solve these challenges for growing businesses and help their digital transformation. Organizations that have outgrown their ERP applications are now looking for an easier way to connect people and processes. And here is where BC steps in – due to its integration with Office 365 and built-in intelligence services, it’s easier than ever to make better business decision on a daily basis.

Flexibility and innovation for Business Central

Using Business Central, companies can grow at their own page and adapt in real-time. Which means and your company can start small, with the right fit for employee roles, industry and needs and extend as the business grows and evolves into the future.

  • The all-in-one nature of Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it easy for all data to be shared fast with key people in the company.
  • You get access to 100% accurate data, making data-based decision in the most informed way possible.
  • With full capabilities extending to all devices, be it mobile, desktop or tablet, you can work wherever you need it. Moreover, with Outlook being embedded on every device, you are fully engaged wherever you are. These business and data processes work exactly where the user needs them to work.
  • With the out-of-the box dashboard, you can an end-to-end view of all your business applications, designed per user role and specific KPIs tailored per business needs.
  • With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can easily improve your customer experience and elevate your performance.
  • Suggestion based on historical data and trends help you optimize your process outcomes, make better decision and increase productivity.
  • Business Central can be tailored in a no code environment through the UI embedded in Power Apps, Power BI and Flow. You can start with as many or as few users and modules as you want.
  • Business Central is set to scale and perform as your business does, with no additional cost or system customization required because of the integration with the Intelligent Cloud.

Key pillars of Dynamics 365: Modern, unified, intelligent and adaptable

Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings an intelligent, modern, adaptable and unified product. This release brings key advancements such as:

  • Modern UI – On-premise Windows users, as well and web-based cloud users, are getting the same rich UI experience.
  • The cloud and on-premise versions are fully unified at every application level.
  • Cloud-ready when you are. Intelligent Cloud insights are available for on-premise customers. Business Central makes it easier for those companies to adapt their operations and become cloud-ready.
  • The latest developments in AI and Machine Learning makes the delivery of innovation constant.
  • Small and medium companies can easily upgrade to the cloud with a single code base. Customers now have the option to deploy the service locally to their own hardware while also having a replicated tenant in the cloud to enable cloud-powered solutions such as Power BI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and the Advanced Machine Learning and AI to help them run their business. The dashboard will show their cloud-ready status, so when they’re ready to transition, this can be done in one simple step.
  • In-cloud synchronization – This release will allow insights from the Intelligent Business Central Cloud to be delivered to existing on-premise customers of Microsoft NAV, GP and SL. In this way, on-premise customers can easily synchronize their data to the cloud.
  • Insights – With insights around financial performance, sales, Power BI dashboards, predictive cash flow forecasts, On-premise customers now get an unparalleled analytical experience powered by the Cloud.
  • Users connecting to On-premise or cloud deployments of Business Central all benefit from the same productive and refreshed user interface and features.
  • An updated design for Business Central further improves data layout, readability, visibility, and easier navigation. There's an updated look and feel for detail pages throughout the system that makes for a streamlined navigation. The search field became truly universal improving results on objects such as pages and product documentation.
  • Enhancements of list managements – Advanced lists filtering lets users create complex filters using operators, ranges, variables, and shorthand. A variety of keyboard shortcuts lets users create compound filters on the fly without ever leaving the list
  • Productivity enhancements – You can apply filters to one or more dimensions that influence computed values to adjust the limit totals, and use all this in combination with filter sort and search to explore and analyze your data. With this release you can also copy and paste multiple rows into the same list, or in a Microsoft Excel sheet.
  • Benefits for IT and administrative users – Partners receive the ability to build, upload, manage, deploy, upgrade, and even troubleshoot their tenants specific customizations, and the ISV add-ons they use.
  • Automatically generated code – Add modify or delete the standard permission sets, add new permission sets in bulk with a file upload or via rapid start, and a new event tracer makes it easier than ever to identify and extend any action in the system. And this automatically generates code for you.
  • With the extended business support features, BC has deployed localized version in Iceland, Norway and Mexico, with more translations of localized versions coming soon. These localized versions also include support for applicable accounting tax and other local regulatory compliance features and measures.

With the all-in-one business management solutions of Dynamics 365 and Business Central you can connect your business, make smarter decisions. Get an end-to-end view of your business and optimize your operations.

Dynamics 365 Business Central | Business Applications October 2018 Release