Dynamics 365 Business Central, the all-in-one business application

In early Spring of 2018, Microsoft announced the much-anticipated release of Dynamics 365 Business Central, a continuous Microsoft movement that focuses on modern and modular applications, analytics, AI and cloud-based platforms. As a business management solution that offers connectivity of financial, sales, service and operational business processes, Business Central is perfect for companies that require more than entry-level accounting systems, making it generally available in the cloud.
The licenses for the new Dynamics 365 Business Central come in pairs of three, namely: Team Member, Essential and Premium. No matter what type of license you choose, some of the functionalities that are available at every level are:

The New User Interface
With a role-specific, customizable UI you can create personalized feeds and smart notifications. The fully customizable interface extends to the in-client visual designer, plus with the PowerApps and Flow integration, users can now create their own personalized solutions to cater to their business needs.

Windows OS and Android devices are now equipped to access all functionalities.

Full-integration with other Microsoft services
As it’s based in the cloud, Business Central works seamlessly with all Dynamics 365 apps, and also Office 365, PowerApps, Flow, Power BI and Outlook. Outlook being a new feature, users can now create quotes or submit invoices directly from an email.

The Power of AI
Business Centrals investments in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are pushed to the foreground in the form of accurate forecasts, recommendations and real time data insights.

NAV in the Cloud
Without a doubt, Dynamics NAV is a popular software that doesn’t really fit in with Microsoft’s cloud-first approach. Henceforth the solution of bringing NAV in the cloud. Mind you, NAV is still a very profitable solution so clients should not be worried.

Is Business Central more than just an ERP? We’ve got some great insight from Danny Hellemons, Product Developer Manager at Schouw Informatisering and his views regarding the early stages of Business Central and future predictions.

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