The right food traceability software can save your business millions

Do you have full visibility into your supply chain? Is your food traceability software outdated? Are you aware that with one single headline, a product recall can ruin your business? Are you managing product recalls efficiently? Does your ERP platform offer the best insight into your product traceability? Can you execute a full track and trace operation in just 4 hours?

The benefits of using a food traceability software:

  • 100% control over supply chain visibility
  • Manage product recalls efficiently
  • Reduce food waste and spoilage
  • Streamline data operations
  • Provide consumers with accurate information
  • Provide importers with targeted information
  • Reduce data errors
  • Avoid government fines
  • Avoid market share drops as a result of a recall scandal

Are you compliant with the ever changing regulations?

Food regulation and legislations are demanding full transparency and traceability into all food business processes. An ERP implementation can prevent challenges such as food safety problems, supply chain issues and matters regarding traceability features. However, many businesses remain biased towards investing in a food traceability strategy, while they could very fail by their ability to track this data. In order to do a full track & trace in 4 hours you need a good system in place to have full visibility. This is where the function of an ERP system can help. The ERP system has all the information needed for traceability demands at hand.

This choice will determine where your food company will be in 10 years.

Food control and safety? Demand forecasting? Track and trace? Insight into your supply chain? Monitor cost per batch? Avoiding recalls? Planning? Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence for your food company? Want to grow your food business? Save time and money by streamlining all of your business processes with Foodware 365, the innovative 100% food focused solution.

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100% insight into your supply chain

Foodware 365 empowers you with full efficiency for managing food traceability, quality control, compliance, inventory management and recalls. Get in touch and we'll set you on the right track – Floor Sloots, Food Quality and Safety Expert

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