This choice will determine where your food company will be in 10 years

Food control and safety? Demand forecasting? Track and trace? Insight into your supply chain? Monitor cost per batch? Avoiding recalls? Planning? Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence for your food company? Want to grow your food business? Save time and money by streamlining all of your business processes.

What customers think

First and foremost, it was important to safeguard the continuity of the software. Also, we wanted all of the software to come from a single supplier and to develop a uniform working method for the commissaries in the Netherlands and France. We were able to significantly reduce our investment in customisation. – Richard De Gruijter, CFO at Domino's Pizza Europe 

The innovative ERP platform for the food industry

The world is changing and the pace of change is only increasing. The more flexible you organize your business, the better you can respond to change. And the better and faster you can respond to market changes, government requirements and technological innovations, the better you are able to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Joining these continuous innovations can be very easy thanks to the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud. The insights gained by allowing ERP to enter into the power of the cloud and the predictive intelligence that we can activate with it will make your company successful in the ever-moving food market. This solution is called Foodware 365.

The ingredients of a complete solution

  • Specialized in the automation of the food industry
  • A preferred Dynamics 365 partner from Microsoft
  • 100% focus on the food industry with the help of the latest Microsoft technology
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • More than 300 implementations
  • Realize your vision and grow with the market


Save time and money for your food business

How can we help your food company? Download the brochure and find out more information about our food solutions.

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