Home Bake | Aptean goes the extra mile for customer Home Bake

It’s common to see acquisitions of companies in the food industry, and these acquisitions are often accompanied by a replacement of software systems. There’s a need to say goodbye to the “old” in a short amount of time, which means that there is a big rush when it comes to searching, selecting and implementing the “new.” This is a great, exciting challenge, according to solutions provider Aptean. This is how they helped Home Bake, formerly Délifrance, a producer of low-oxygen packaged bread such as croissants and baguettes, which was recently acquired by an investment company. The request was clear: go live within 4 months with a full-scope implementation of the software platform Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Foodware Edition for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. That was a challenge that Aptean was excited to take on.

In order for an organization to function properly, it’s necessary to have full insight into data and steering information, and that information needs to be easily accessible in your ERP system. This ensures that work can be done efficiently and decisions can be made quickly. After an acquisition, you usually see that it’s more difficult to have continuous access to all that information. A strict deadline to start working with a new software system was therefore necessary at Home Bake. This automatically meant that a selection process for a software partner had to be completed as soon as possible. Within a month, the choice was made. It was an informed, fast choice based on Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Foodware Edition’s industry-specific features and track record at similar companies in the bakery sector. And just like that, the project was started.

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