Enterprise company Hessing Supervers happy Foodware 365 customer

Hessing Supervers is a large European specialist in the processing of fresh raw materials into pan-ready vegetables, processed fruit, fresh juices and full-plate salads. Thousands of kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables are inspected, cut, mixed, packaged and delivered within hours. A dynamic 24/7 process. Every week, fresh produce is trucked from the various European production sites to supermarkets, fast-food chains, wholesalers, catering companies and in-flight services. Hessing decided to go with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Foodware 365 for Finance & Operations from Schouw Informatisering.

William van Zweeden van Schouw Informatisering talks to Hans Hessing from Hessing Supervers about the collaboration with Schouw and the advantages of the software platform. Watch the video here: