Gelcampo: Integrating two business systems into one with Foodware 365 & myPartner

Gelcampo is a Portuguese company specialized in deep-frozen foods that have been in the market for over 30 years. In 2005 IFT acquired part of Gelcampo. The company's activity started to take place between two companies of a different legal nature. The big challenge accepted by Foodware partner myPartner was the integration of the two businesses in a single system, supporting Gelcampo as an industrial unit and IFT as a commercial unit.

After implementation, the processes started to be performed in a fully automatic way by the system. The movements of the production company, such as production outputs, are automatically replicated in the commercial company responding to customer orders. The entire warehouse management process was optimized with the use of mobile devices to facilitate the “picking” of bar codes in the warehouse.

Gelcampo now has accurate, real-time information on the two companies available in one single system.