Video | Chocolaterie Albèrt uses Foodware 365 in the Cloud

In this video we're talking with Albert Helvert, owner of Chocolaterie Albèrt, about Foodware 365 in the Cloud, and why he made the decision to go for a SaaS solution. 

Chocolaterie Albèrt is a family-owned company in Udenhout, and on the daily, they process large quantities of chocolate into creative end products. And that’s what sets this producer apart. Albert van Helvert: “We are different from other colleagues, we dare to be playful and original, both in flavors and in models. And the customer away comes first.” With one production location, four stores, 1070 standard products, and many regular customers, including Jamin, Chocolaterie Albèrt is a distinctive player in the higher segment.

Foodware 365 for Business Central in the Cloud

The company recently chose Foodware 365 for Business Central in the cloud, a real SaaS solution. Want to know the advantages of a cloud solution? Watch the video here: 

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