Video | The advantages of working with Power BI at Van Kessel Fruit

We visited our customer Van Kessel Fruit B.V. in Velddriel. A hard fruit business that works with our Foodware software and Power BI on a daily basis.

At Van Kessel Fruit they are specialized in Dutch hard fruit. They control the entire chain from the growing process up to the point of sales. Van Kessel fully control the growing process with their own growing companies and a number of fixed growers where they do everything from storage and cooling up to packaging and transporting to the grocery store. And of course, at Van Kessel they have typical challenges they need to consider, like weather conditions and the wishes of the customers. 

More insights and control thanks to Power BI

To face these challenges Van Kessel Fruit works with Foodware and Power BI. Due to the increasing volume in the production they were forced to get more control on the results and insights into affecting elements. 

In this video we will tell you more about the advantages of Power BI at Van Kessel Fruit.