Vishandel Klooster live in 4 months with Foodware

Fish retailer Vishandel Klooster in Enkhuizen, one of our customers, is specialised in smoking, filleting and processing of eel, mackerel, salmon, herring and trout. As a supplier of daily fresh food, Vishandel Klooster has to deal with the very specific requirements of its customers, which in turn means they have very specific requirements for their ERP system. In this video, Jac Tijsen and Milou Klooster talk about the added value of the Foodware package and the pleasant collaboration between Vishandel Klooster and Schouw Informatisering.

Jac Tijsen, Commercial Director at Vishandel Klooster, states they have been looking for a proper product tracing system, which could benefit the company in several ways. 'Vishandel Klooster would like to benefit from financial aspects, meaning we would like easy insight based on proper reports and sound financial overviews. In addition, it is in the customer's interest that we supply correct SSCC labels, and also reading the EDI system in the Schouw package is important to us.'

Increase in efficiency thanks to standard solution Foodware 

Vishandel Klooster has better management of her processes thanks to the company-wide ERP solution supplied by Schouw Informatisering, consisting of Microsoft Dynamics in combination with Foodware. Jac Tijsen explains the added value of choosing this solution: 'The added value of the package is a notable increase in efficiency; everyone is clearly and demonstrably working with the package within their scope. This results in a complete overview and will eventually lead to a clear financial picture.'

Quick implementation, live in 4 months

The implementation of the system is completed within 4 months by the combined Schouw and Vishandel Klooster project team. Milou Klooster, IT Manager at Vishandel Klooster, is excited: ‘The implementation was a wonderful collaborative effort with Schouw, we worked well together. The team consisted of only women, who were well-matched. Everyone knew what they had to do, their specific tasks, which resulted in a quick and efficient schedule for go-live. This meant we also made quick improvements business-wise.'

Foodware proper foundation for continued automation

Thanks to the support provided by Schouw during the entire project, a proper foundation for continued automation within the company is created. Milou Klooster: 'Our goal for this project was to digitize everything, from the order processing system to the production area. We selected Schouw to aid us in this process because they are specialized in this type of work in the food industry. They were able to give clear recommendations on which steps to take in which order. Schouw continues to help us complete stages of automation and enables us to expand in order to be able to grow.'

Schouw is the perfect partner

Vishandel Klooster is completely future-proof, thanks to Schouw and Foodware. Jac Tijsen concludes: 'During the picking process we evaluated Schouw as a partner. Mostly because they are already working in the food industry and have several other fish industry clients, Schouw was the perfect partner for us.'