Video | Visitor Registration App

In this short video, we show you our customer Laban Foods' visitor registration app, based on Microsoft PowerApps. By using the app, visitors can easily register, making paper completely unnecessary, and the registration of visitors is fully in order and clear.

How does the app work?

To register, simply fill in the fields.

If you want to enter the production area during your visit, you need to answer some extra questions to ensure food safety. if there is doubt, whether you meet the requirements to enter the production space, you will get a notification on your screen and you will be asked to report to the reception. 

When you sign out, type in your full name. This makes the app GDPR-proof, since names of other visitors aren't shown. With the visitor registration app, you always have a digital overview available with which visitors are or have been present.

The app can be fully customized as desired, and of course you can work on the PowerApp yourself as well.

Visitor registration app.jpg

Get your own app

Would you like a simple app that allows you to easily, quickly and GDPR-proof register your visitors? We're happy to help! For questions and more info, please get in contact.