The importance of digitalization in times of crisis

The importance of digitalization has been evident for years. During the coronacrisis, we only see more how important it is. Technology has never been so indispensable. Digital is actually becoming the new normal, to some extent. Meetings with Microsoft Teams, or having a drink with friends via FaceTime. Because that's how we can keep normal life as we know it going as much as possible, but remotely. Which obviously is of great importance during this crisis.

Time to evaluate

And it's not just individuals that are moving into the digital world more than ever before, this crisis can also be the time to innovate as a company. The digital way of working is in some cases the only right way at the moment, and this is the time to evaluate as a company whether you are missing the right tools here or not. Is my company still running now that we are forced to work from home? Do I have enough insights into what's going on now that I'm not in the office every day?

Don’t focus on quick wins, but on the long term

When you want to digitalize your company, it is important that you don’t focus on the quick wins, but on the long term. When a digitalization project starts, it must also be clear what you want to achieve in the end – what ‘s the dot on the horizon? That's what we need to work towards, even though it sometimes feels like it's yielding (right now). It is therefore important that everyone in the organization has the same goals. A digitalization project is a big job. Read tips on how best to deal with this here.

Digitalize your company with Foodware 365

Although a digitalization project is a big job, taking this job on as a food company has many advantages. With the innovative platform Foodware 365 you have remote insights into all your processes. All your data is integrated into one system, which you can always access. Anytime, anywhere, on any device. And you actually use your data, with all the accompanying benefits. For example, you can monitor your business performance and make them visual with Power BI. In addition, Foodware 365 also offers the integration with a B2B or B2C webshop. A digital option that many food companies are addressing now, now that they can no longer sell their products with their usual customer.