Working together with our new Aptean Food & Beverage partner Olivia

While the current COVID-19 measures do not allow for most international travel, we are still actively expanding and building our partnerships. Olivia, who recently joined as one of the first official Aptean Food & Beverage partners, is a great example of a company with a very clear focus on food as a vertical. As part of the Aptean F&B partner group, Olivia now offers a powerful industry-specific solution combined with excellent service quality to help food companies in the Spanish market grow to new heights.

About Olivia

Olivia offers, implements and develops IT solutions, with the aim of helping companies to be more efficient and productive. Specialized in Business Solutions’ Microsoft Platform (Dynamics 365 & Microsoft 365) and with over 20 years of experience in implementations providing innovative and proven solutions for Manufacturing, Logistics, Distribution and Services sectors, among others. Olivia adds value to the competitive capabilities of its clients, ensuring they have the best solutions to meet their unique business needs. Olivia's implementation methodology offers numerous advantages at all stages of a project's life, minimizing the risks of implementation and making the job easier for users.

Helping food businesses around the world through Aptean Food & Beverage partners

Despite a global pandemic, the demand for food is rising, food chains are globalizing and climate regulations are being tightened. With the food industry constantly changing, individual food companies need cutting edge industry-specific software to continue to serve their market, stay competitive and grow their business. With over 900 customers in the Food & Beverage industry that use our industry-specific ERP solution on a daily base, Aptean Food & Beverage has the proven solution readily available to help food businesses across the globe.

If you are also committed to the food and beverage industry, focused on long term customer success and would like to be a part of our Aptean Food and Beverage ERP Partner Program please get in touch

A digital handshake between Robert Emmen from Schouw Informatisering, from Aptean and David Venero from Olivia