Here’s why we are working with partners

On August 27, 2020, Aptean announced the launch of its global Food & Beverage Partner Program. An important step to further expand the company’s geographical reach into the Food and Beverage industry. While this made full sense for many, some responded with doubt. Why would you pursue to work with partners? Why now?

Let’s take a step back first. We have been in the partner business for over a decade and have seen channel business change significantly during that time. Back then, everybody wanted to partner up and take any solution to market. With little to no barriers or regulations, becoming a partner was easy and became a common thing.

Nowadays, the world has changed. Partners have become more cautious and no longer want to have a dozen software products sitting on their shelves. There has been a clear shift in the intention why companies want to engage in a partnership. Oftentimes, prior to the establishment of a partnership, companies need reassurance from a business perspective. Either they already have several opportunities themselves or they first want to build a pipeline before starting the reselling partnership. Simultaneously, the expectations and requirements have gone up with regards to software as a product. Partners are not just looking for a software package but require software vendors to provide them with continuous upgrades, training and support.

With this change in attitude from reselling partners, we as an ISV and VAR have also evolved our approach in working with partners. Today, we focus and emphasize on mutual commitment. We are more engaged and active in the partnership and management of our resellers and expect a similar attitude from our partner members.

So why are we, still, focused and dedicated on working through partners?

By working through partners, we can make local connections anywhere in the world to tackle local language, legislation, culture and other country specific requirements. Partners therefor allow us to scale quickly and move beyond the critical resource gap that will only become bigger. The decision to make or buy a software solution is still a difficult one within many companies. But we are here to help.

We believe that partners that buy into our proposition can earn more money because they have to spend less time and resources into aspects like product development and keeping up with Microsoft.

Dynamics Partners around the world are currently confronted with crucial questions. What should they be focusing on and where should they put their investments? Black or white: are you an ISV or a VAR? You need to decide where you want to focus your resources on and seriously consider outsourcing your non-mission critical initiatives.

Now is the time for action.

With the developments and adoption of the Cloud in full swing, now is the perfect time to reap the benefits. SaaS is moving beyond the innovators and early adopters; the majority is tapping in now. Last month, Microsoft celebrated it had more than 1.000 Business Central ISV Applications on AppSource. A great milestone that showcases the growth/progress of the cloud. While many partners are still clinging on their own developments, it again is critical to make conscious decisions in regards to the path you want to direct your focus and attention to. Be certain and concise with regards to what you want to do yourself and what not.

Hopefully this initiated a spark for some self-reflection. What if you realized your business is spread too thin and you’re not reaping any rewards?

You are invited to join forces Aptean and enrol into our Food & Beverage Partner Program and become a member of our powerful network. We have the resources and experience in the Food & Beverage industry like no other. Now more than ever, we are committed to sell through partners and pursue mutual excellence. We are looking for new partners that are ready to win the food & beverage industry together with us.

If you would like to know more about becoming a partner, have a look at our webpage. If you’re curious about our world-class solutions, be sure to check here for more info. In case you want to hear more about partnering with Aptean Food & Beverage, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar