Vakblad Voedingsindustrie | Digital transformation with food-specific software

Since November 2019, Schouw Informatisering has been part of the global Aptean network in food and IT. Schouw is now able to bundle an enormous amount of knowledge and experience and remove technical limitations, say Joris Kolff and Roel Kox van Schouw. 

The speed of technological innovation is constantly increasing, says Joris Kolff Regio Account-Director Food & Beverage. "Whereas a company used to need IT innovation after about ten years, now you have to switch much faster. Large parties can do that, but many lack the money and the possibilities to do so. Under the Aptean Food and Beverage platform, Schouw can get the technology in-house and implement it. Think of tools for traceability, recipe management, operational visibility, asset management and optimisation. We work together with JustFood ERP (Canada), LINKFRESH (UK), bcFood (US) and recently also the Dutch DIN Solutions. This cooperation strengthens our position in the Dutch, European and worldwide food and beverage market.  Together with our own market-specific knowledge and focus on various food sectors, this makes us 'vertically focused' with the budget of a global player. Big enough to cure and small enough to care."

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Joris Kolff and Roel Kox