What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations?

No more large upgrades in your software system in the future, but rather small monthly updates and a larger update twice a year. Bringing all users together on one version. That is the One Version principle, released during the April ’19 Spring Release of Microsoft on April 2nd 2019 for Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations (D365FO). What else has been announced during the yearly Microsoft release? What’s New in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations?

With D365FO One Version you have the possibility to quickly make the right decisions. This software platform helps companies to continuously move forward with the changing wishes and demands of the market to realize growth and success. From April 2019, new functionalities will be available to customers on a monthly basis, where the customer itself can choose the exact rhythm for his or her company. This release focuses on bettering the user experience.

Financial and Supply Chain

Extensions will mainly take place in the Financial and Supply Chain process. For Financial the main focus is on regulations and user-friendliness. Looking at Supply Chain Management, there are improvements and extensions in inventory- and warehouse management. For example, the possibility to add Catch Weight products to your WMS processes. In the area of sales and order processing, user-friendliness is optimized to improve productivity and satisfaction.

Production optimization in D365FO

In the April ’19 release, a lot of attention has been paid to optimizing the production process, particularly the master planning. Adding to that, there is an integration with the Intelligent Microsoft Azure IoT service to make the digital feedback loop complete. As a customer, you now always have real-time information from the production floor, which can be controlled directly and correctly.

Platform extensions

In the upcoming period multiple improvements will be made to the development environments, to make them more cost-efficient and productive. New functionality will be added to the Web Client, based on user productivity and user-friendliness. Think of personalized environments and better mobile device responsive options, but also extensions of workflow (with Microsoft Flow) and Power BI.

Seamless integration Common Data Service

A large part of Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations is made available in Common Data Service (CDS) for Apps. In addition, Entity Store is invested in the customer’s Azure Data Lakes. Data is continuously updated thanks to Microsoft’s incremental synchronizations. The possibilities that are offered thanks to Events and Extensions provide a framework for Finance & Operations business and workflow events. So that these can be used by Microsoft Flow and external systems.

Continuous updates with One Version

The continuous updates that, with the introduction of One Version, are planned for the platform Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations will be made available in Lifecycle Services. Predictability, reliability and continuity thus become a fact.

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