Ten conversations with food professionals and specialists | IT Food Forecast 2020

Last year, we launched a very successful Trendreport, called IT Food Forecast. Over 70 food companies joined in on a survey about food/IT challenges they face, the status of data and trends in the food industry. And it only felt right to create a sequel this year. This time around? Ten conversations with food professionals and specialists about the large changes in the food and IT sector. 

We decided we wanted to explore the rapidly approaching future. And one thing seems certain: You either go along with the changes coming, or you’re too late. Eat lunch or be lunch, so it seems. And that’s why we entered into discussions with modern food companies to find out how they act, or even thrive, in this changing playing field. We also spoke to various experts about trends and developments in the sector, including discussion partners from Microsoft and Rabobank.

To give you a sneak preview, here are some snippets from interviews with Harm Voortman from Anatrans and Steven Doesburg from Schouw Informatisering.

Sustainable harvest and processing of cashew nuts with innovative technologies in one of the poorest countries in the world

We talked to Harm Voortman, director of Anatrans, a cashew processing company in Burkina Faso. After his career as marine officer and financial director at his wife’s family company, he got the opportunity to become director of Anatrans. Anatrans was barely holding on, but was brought back to life by him and his wife.

The largest challenge that Anatrans faces is that processing cashews is quite the process, and with quality being the number one priority, manual work is necessary to prevent loss of value. Meaning technology is essential to make the process as efficient as possible. Anatrans is currently switching from complete manual work to a more automated system using technologies, like smartphones, a database in the cloud and more.

Trendmagazine | Eat lunch or be lunch

We’re bringing out a complete trend magazine about trends in IT, automation and technology in the food industry, so it only seems right to add our own ingredients to the mix. As an IT service provider, we’re constantly on top of all trends and developments. We talked to Steven Doesburg, CEO at Schouw Informatisering.

Steven mentions Blockchain, and how you don’t need to be a trendwatcher to see the impact or potential of this technology. With the large importance of traceability in the food, the impact on existing chains in the food sector could be huge. Despite the large potential, Blockchain is still at the beginning stages in the food industry. This is largely because of the diversity of interests in the chain. How are you going to make sure the cashew nut farmer in Burkina Faso joins in and puts product data on the Blockchain? It’s going to take courage or a common enemy to rise above one’s own interests and to achieve the introduction of a disruptive technology. But who’s that enemy going to be?


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