Will you help think of an innovative solution for Product Information Management?

Are you facing the challenges of Product Information Management within your organization? We would love to invite you to an online workshop to think about challenges and find innovative solutions. This workshop will take place on Thursday September 12th, from 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.

What is PIM?

Product Information Management and Master Data Management are about creating a ‘one version of the truth’ set of information for your product. It includes purchase, commercial, logistics, food safety, labelling and administrative processes. With increased needs for transparency in the food chain and specific formats for their customer portals (GS1, Trace One, ADAM, etc.) there is a need for well managed sharing of information.

Identifying the needs of PIM

At Schouw Informatisering we developed an innovation process to address your innovative business needs. In recent conversations with customers and prospects we identified a common request to address Product Information Management. Innovation should be focussed on the user, which makes asking for your input the first step. Our customers, partners and advisors can help us map the field of Product Information Management and help us prioritize your personal and food industry related needs.

PIM in an innovative solution

Are you facing the challenges of Product Information Management within your organization, whether it is from a management, quality, commercial or operational point of view, no matter your seniority or department? We would love to talk to you in an informal setting, where you can talk about your needs, struggles and ideas with colleagues and professionals in the food industry.


Will you help us?

We would love to hear your vision to find an innovative solution! Are you interested in brainstorming together? Then sign up here.