New partnership between Foodware 365 and Nunsys: Expanding on the Spanish market

We’re excited to announce a new addition to our ever-expanding partner network. Another great partnership has been concluded on the Spanish market: Nunsys is the latest direct Foodware 365 reseller. The two are combining to deliver the Foremost Food Solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the wide Spanish food market. By fusing up with Foodware 365, Nunsys is offering new market opportunities and developments using the food-specific solutions and streamlining the Spanish food business processes.

Joined efforts

With a fast and extensive growth, Nunsys has proven a great opportunity to bring the Foodware 365 food solution to the market. The Spanish food industry is rather large, giving our joined efforts the opportunity to respond to the need of industry specific solutions and common growth chances. Which makes both parties quite invested in their combined approaches. Nunsys have made a name for themselves for combining different technologies to offer unique solutions, which in this sense is our common goal at Foodware 365, a platform derived specifically from and to the food and IT world. 

About Nunsys

Nunsys is a leading company in its sector, specialising in comprehensive technology solutions. We cover all technological needs that a company may have, our customer focus, reliability, trust, professionalism and teamwork are our guarantee of success. Nunsys is committed to having alliances and being partner of the main worldwide leaders in the Technological sector.

About Foodware 365

Foodware 365 is the foremost food solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. As experts in food & IT, we make it possible for every food company to use the benefits offered by the Microsoft platform and gain access to future technological advancements. We have a passion for food & IT. With a strict focus on the food industry since 1998, we have established a worldwide network of implementation partners, leading up to more than 300 customers having access to food-specific standard solutions. Backed with a flow of constant feedback from our partners and customers, we take care of new developments and further improvements day in, day out.