Food start-ups are pushing innovations forward in the food industry

Food tech start-ups are pushing innovations forward in the food industry. Food start-ups are getting more traction, and this is due part of their ability to take risks and experiment in ways corporations simply cannot. The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Food invested €56.4 million in innovation projects in the food industry and agriculture this year. That’s 44% more than in 2018. The funds for making the investments are secured through the European Institute of Innovation & Technology EIT under the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union. Food tech is a growing segment of start-ups and venture capital that focuses on disrupting and improving the food industry. But what are the innovations that thrive behind these food tech start-ups?

The changes expand across the supply chain, from farm to table. Shifts in consumer demands and preferences, the environment and digital transformation and bringing forth the need to revolutionize and streaming food business processes.  

How are food tech startups disrupting the food industry?

  • Artificial protein (lab-grown meat)  Lab grown meat has become an alternative food option. 
  • 3D food printing  3D food printers allow for personalized and precise nutrition containing the correct percentage of nutrients required for a particular gender, lifestyle, or medical condition. 
  • Food robotics  Companies employ robotics to advance product consistency and overall efficiency. 
  • Personalized nutrition  Personalized diets and meals is already making its mark on the food industry.  
  • Food waste  Social impact companies and startups generate viable business models to solve this problem. 
  • Internet of Things  Devices and equipment with built-in sensors are grouped into one network of data that continuously exchanges information. 
  • Food safety  Automation is used to monitor and maintain health safety standards. 
  • Delivery – AI and drones will be used to automate food delivery. 

Transformation in the food industry is forward moving and backed up with technology at a faster pace than ever. Can your food company keep up with the latest technological advancements? 


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