Updates, latest releases and the roadmap | Blitz session

Several times a year, during the Spring and Fall releases, Microsoft announces the latest news and innovations on its platform during the so-called Blitz sessions. And they've recently done that in October. The latest features and functions were released for Dynamics 365, Power BI, PowerApps and Flow. It's no surprise that these innovations make us very excited. Thanks to the innovations of Microsoft, you as a Foodware 365 customer have more possibilities to digitally transform your company. The Dynamics 365 platform offers continuity and massive wealth of innovations that are accessible to anyone.

These announcements from Microsoft offer exciting opportunities for us and our customers! We have taken a new direction with Foodware 365. And we are happy to share this new direction with our customers, relations and partners. How are we doing? What is next on our roadmap? And perhaps most importantly: What do we offer our customers now and in the future? That is why we organize a Blitz session shortly after the Spring and Fall releases by Microsoft, focused on all innovations around Foodware 365. On Monday 10 December 2018, we launched the first Foodware 365 Blitz session.

Foodware 365 Blitz session

The introduction session was kicked off by Product Development Manager Danny Hellemons, in which he told the story about how we have come to the Foodware 365 solution. In addition, we were presented the strength and scope of the Dynamics 365 platform, acting as the basis for all food specific topics that were discussed during the session. Afterwards we followed with the release of Foodware 365 for Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, in which we explained the latest Foodware 365 release, the roadmap and briefly gave a demo of our Trade and Returnable Packaging solution. We also discussed upon topics such as the Data Integration Framework and Business Intelligence.

Innovations in the Power platform

A number of new and exciting innovations were covered. Purpose Built Apps were explained, apps we created based on Microsoft's Power Platform, which are integrated with Power BI and Flow. But also our famous Avocado Case, where we connect cognitive services with ERP. In short, by using the cloud’s learning capabilities, we taught it difference between a good and a bad avocado. In this way can automate the complete complaint administration, including return orders and credit notes, based on one email with a photo of the relevant product. Finally, in the closing chapter, we explained more about Foodware 365 for Dynamics 365 Business Central. The next project where we have already taken significant steps, but where we are still at the beginning phases. We are not only undergoing a product transformation, but also an organizational one. And that gives energy, we are ready!

We’re already looking forward to our next Blitz session in May 2019. Stay tuned to our channels for more information.

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