Foodware 365 & Schouw Informatisering – Member of the Microsoft EMEA ISV Executive Board

As leading ISV in Food, Schouw Informatisering is invited as new member of the Microsoft EMEA ISV Executive Board. Contributing with valuable insights to further optimize the One Commercial Partner (OCP) model Microsoft introduced 2017, Schouw attended the 15th ISV Executive Meeting hosted by BAX Energy at their Campus in the beautiful venue of Catania, Sicily. During this meeting, Microsoft shared with Independent Software Vendor partners its vision on their holistic partner and customer engagement approach to better serve the evolving needs of customers.

Written by Steven Doesburg, CCO @Schouw Informatisering

With the OCP model Microsoft restructured their customer support and partner model. By aligning business partners and mapping their (horizontal as well as vertical) solution on industries, Microsoft get sight on the partner community, suitable and fit for specific industries. Fully in line with the Hit Refresh metaphor Satya Nadella used in his inside story telling of the change of Microsoft, starting in 2017 the partner model is going through tremendous operational shift and still is in progress. 

Cloud first, mobile first 

Besides the interesting perspective presented by our host Simone Massaro, CEO of BAX Energy on “Controlling the Uncontrollable of the Renewable Energy industry” and some deep insights on the motion from Data Science to IoT provided by Professor Vincenza Charciolo, the dialogue really set in motion when Tizianna Olivieri, Industry Director Western Europe presented her industry team and the way they operate as to finding the right solutions and partners for every and any cycle in the value change in the Oil & Gas and Energy industry. Long story short, is that being an ISV you need to be on the radar within the Industry teams, Account and Solutions Teams. The good thing about this model is that ISV’s in the end will be valued when they’re capable of convincing on added value instead of the showing of the usual Nuts and Bolts and hoping someone will, in their minds, put them together creating their desired solution. Besides that, it is clear that when you’re not generating and contributing on Could Consumption you’re not in the game in this undisputable: Cloud First Mobile First world. 

The optimal solution

Moving forward with Foodware 365, Schouw Informatisering is in the sweet spot of where Microsoft wants to be. Providing a Food industry Vertical based on both brands in leading Business Application Platforms: Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Business Central, Schouw can fill-in the gap and blanc spots in the industry map for the Food and Agri industry. Although Microsoft tries to build a one-size-fits-all partner model, every partner is unique and has its own challenges distributing the IP via the local Microsoft Subs. Participating in the discussions in the ISV Executive Board on how to improve partnership with regards to the Dynamics 365 Business Applications community, we feel we represent the lot a of Dynamics partners and their challenges and concerns and therefor it will benefit to all partners in the Microsoft Dynamics Eco system. 

It is a matter of give and take. I’m grateful that Microsoft, in person presented by Chris Dial and his team, is willing to invest time and taking our feedback to a higher level to optimize the Partner Channel support. Knowing your way around the new Microsoft organisation and world of abbreviations can be a challenge. But to my opinion it’s our obligation to invest in time and attention to the #1 partner that supplies us the tools, platform and solution to be able to earn our “bread and butter”!