Lehmann Natur will tackle the future with Foodware 365

Lehmann Natur is committed to bring organic fruits and vegetables to every single consumer. With the tremendous increase in awareness and demand for organic products and a market that is unable to provide sufficient supply, Lehmann is growing at a rapid pace. "We have realized a very successful growth for the last years but are now limited by our current ERP and IT resources to get to the next level", according to Julius Luger, responsible IT manager. "After our contact with Schouw Informatisering we believe the future looks very promising with the possibilities that their Foodware 365 solution will bring us".

Lehmann Natur was founded back in 1988 in Germany by Friedrich Lehmann as a 100% organic fruit and vegetable importer. Far ahead of its time, Friedrich Lehmann, personally driven to change the future, started to convince farmers to grow their products organically, helped them with the know-hows and everything around organic farming. He convinced them of the importance for the entire ecological system to focus on organic farming. Today, Lehmann Natur both has its own production and import & export trade.

Focus on quality, above and beyond the norm

Lehmann wants to ensure our trading partners can provide their customers with high-quality organic products, which is why they developed additional measures for quality control of fruit and vegetable suppliers. These go far beyond the regular organic inspection certifications and ensure the quality of the goods from the fields right up to the counter.

Guaranteed quality processes through IT and services

Lehmann handles its processes and packaging with utmost care. Each handling process is under constant monitoring across the entire production chain. Furthermore, Lehmann offers a comprehensive range of services, from cultivation to the inspection of incoming goods, storage, ripening, preparation, packaging, customs clearance, consignment and distribution. That is how Lehmann guarantees their quality. “With Lehmann going through a very rapid growth, our previous IT could not keep up with our demands", says Julius Luger. This drove Lehmann to look for alternative IT solutions and that is when they found Foodware 365.  

Foodware 365 to facilitate with rapid growth

After comparing solutions from all over the world and doing lots of research, Lehmann got in contact with the people from Schouw Informatisering about their Foodware 365 solution. "Right away there seemed to be a great connection between Lehmann and the people from Schouw, as they provided all the right answers and information to our concerns and their customers spoke very highly of them", according to Julius Luger. "Lehmann needs a partner that is innovative, fast-moving and can keep up with us for the future. We are looking for a fresh start with a software vendor that is future driven and can continue to keep up with the rapid growth we are facing."

Lehmann Natur considers the implementation of Foodware 365 as a valuable enabler for their growth. They see no limit to their growth potential with the right IT resources in place.“We believe there are still a lot of opportunities ahead for us to improve our processes, we have lots of data but no ability to process and benefit the company yet. But the future looks very promising with the possibilities that Foodware 365 will bring us."

Foodware 365 solution

With over 20 years of experience and a 100% focus on food we help all types of food businesses, from a start-up to enterprise level. Thanks to our worldwide network of implementation partners we have over 300 food customers worldwide who are using Foodware 365 on a daily basis across the entire supply chain. Foodware 365 is based on the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology, available for both Business Central and Finance & Operations.

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Robert Emmen from Schouw Informatisering together with Julius Luger from Lehmann Natur